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In order to provide a high profile service to all of its customers, PROVAL SERVICE has obtained an important ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.
In 2020 we have also obtained the EUR1 certification that makes Proval Service a certified exporter for Switzerland and Tunisia.


Proval Service was founded in January 1997, strongly supported by a group of experts in the SMT area, file Gerber management and the screen-printing deposition of the solder paste.

A deep knowledge of the electronics and precision machining technical tools has gradually established and has been closely following all the developments in this sector over the years, especially by introducing the use of innovative and advanced production technologies, from the WaterJet laser cut to the chemical etching. From the precision milling and drilling to the fiber laser.

This has led to the expansion of the range of products offered by Proval Service, especially in the SMT and EMS branch. It has increasingly oriented the company to guarantee its customers an efficient and high quality service in the supply of equipments for the electronic.

The expertise of the staff combined to twenty years of experience in the industry make Proval Service the ideal partner for all the companies looking for a qualified supplier for electronic.