• Welcome


    Here you can find the latest news about Proval Service. You can always be updated on what’s new and read about us.

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  • Solder fixtures

    Solder fixtures

    Proval Service has different types of products which include automatic pallets, wave-solder pallets, selective-solder pallets, trays and customized products for the manual solder process.

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  • Products

    Our products area goes from SMT foils and frames to solder pallets and clean paper, adhesive types, ultrasound cleaning machine…
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  • Technology

    We use traditional technologies such as milling and photo-chemical etching combined to innovative laser cut techniques such as the WaterJet and fiber laser.
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  • About us

    Proval Service was founded in January 1997, strongly supported by a group of experts in the SMT area, file Gerber management and the screen-printing deposition of the solder paste.
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